Our Story – Mr.Snack Packs

Our Story

Mr. Snack Packs originated in Victoria, BC

Founder & CEO James Ng started his journey late 2021. But it didn't really start there, James was just a kid when he used to bring boxes of Asian Pocky & White Rabbit Candies to school and resell them to his friends. Later he than started to store variety of sodas he "took" from his family restaurant to again resell at lunch to his schoolmates.

As story continues early 2022 - Mr. Snack Packs is launched, not officially but locally. Although James was just testing the waters, his business started to gain traction around town. 

Mr. Snack Packs TikTok grew & so did the orders. This year we have shipped over 10 orders Canada & US wide! We will only continue to grow and expand thanks to our supporters even the person reading this.

February 1. 2023 - Mr. Snack Packs is official registered as a small business - story to be continued .. stay tuned!    




established 2023